Accolades & Awards — Manoj Thulasidas

Here’s list of the author’s awards and achievements. A full CV of Manoj Thulasidas is also available online.

  • July 2007 Singapore. The author’s weekly column starts appearing in a Singaporean newspaper, Today. His columns and selected articles are available online.
  • June 2007 Singapore. The Unreal Universe reviewed in the national newspaper (The Straits Times)
    • “This book is for anyone who has wanted learn about life, the universe and everything.”
    • “The author’s conversational and readable writing carries the day.”
  • Over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles in physics. The latest to appear in International Journal of Modern Physics D, Are Radio Sources and Gamma Ray Bursts Luminal Booms?
  • About ten articles on brain signal analysis, among which Robust Classification of EEG Signal for Brain-Computer Interface,” IEEE Tran. Neural Systems and Rehab. Engineering Vol. 14 (2006) pp. 24–29.
  • December 2004 Singapore. TV coverage on the Brain-Computer Interface research results, 11 minute program on Channel News Asia, a Southeast Asian TV news network.
  • November 2004 Singapore. Samsung Digitall Hope award (research grant) and local TV news coverage on Channel i.
  • Best paper award at MEDSIP’04, Malta. “Robust classification of event-related potential for brain-computer interface,” Proc. Intl. Conf. Advances in Medical Signal and Information Processing, Malta, (2004) pp. 321–326
  • September 2004 Singapore. Coverage in the Straits Times (national newspaper) on Brain-Computer Interface.
  • 1998-2002 Singapore. Patents on body-based measurements, physiometrics etc.
  • November 1995 CPPM, Marseilles, France. Chosen by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) as Ingenieur de Recherche (Research Engineer) following an open nation wide competition in France.
  • Fall 1987 – Summer 1993 Syracuse University, USA. Graduate Assistantship and Tuition Scholarship awarded on the basis of the academic merit.
  • Consistently better than 99 percentile performance in international tests such as Graduate Records Examination, Advanced GRE etc.
  • Summer 1983 Trivandrum, India. Ranked 63rd in India in the fiercely competitive Joint Entrance Examination (Better than 99.9 percentile).
  • Summer 1982 Trivandrum, India. Ranked 3rd in the state of Kerala, India in the Engineering Entrance Examination (Better than 99.9 percentile).